About PMP-Survey.com

PMP-Survey.com is an integral part of PMP Marketing's research services that employs both quantitative and qualitative research methods.

YesNoBusiness success today depends upon building long-term partnerships with your clients. Simply recognising the importance of customer relations is far from good enough. It is vital to be able to measure the strength of the relationship objectively and to understand and act to satisfy the priorities that reveals.

It is also vital to recognize that any successful business strategy depends largely on the attitude and commitment of the people who are implementing it. The best brains in the world are of little use to an organisation if they are not motivated. The alignment of personal commitment with the company's goals is an essential condition of success.

From the marketing perspective, it is all about the balance between the fields of "Business Branding & Marketing" and "Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing". We strongly believe that superior external service cannot work without superior internal service to support it. The levels of motivation, communication and leadership within your organization will directly affect your business relationships.

PMP Marketing specialists can provide you with comprehensive services, starting with questionnaire design for PMP-Survey.com and ending with evaluation of your current position and assessment of future options. Obviously, the quantitative research can be supplemented with qualitative approaches like interviews and focus groups.

The PMP-Survey.com and/or other research methods can offer you answers to, for example:

  • Are your people properly motivated to support your business objectives?
  • Are your people real brand ambassadors for your employer brand?
  • Are your customer relationships strong enough to support your business strategy?
  • Is your company perceived as a supplier or a partner?
  • What most affects the performance of your employee referral programme?
  • Are your people loyal? What are the top employee loyalty risk factors in your company?
  • What are your employees' attitudes towards their own role, their manager, department and division, or the entire company?
  • and many, many others.

PMP-Survey.com is a smart tool that will help you chart your current situation in order to achieve better results for less.